Relationship between Organizational Physical Resources and Firm Performance of Geospatial Firms in Kenya


  • Joseph Masatu
  • Margaret Oloko
  • Jared Deya


Purpose: The purpose of this study is to determine the relationship between organizational physical resources and performance of Geospatial firms in Kenya. This study was anchored on the Resource Dependence theory.

Methods/materials: This study adopted the principles of positivism philosophy. A descriptive research design was adopted by the study. The study’s target population included 75 Geospatial companies in Kenya. Study adopted a census survey to include all the population in the sample. Both primary and secondary data was used in the study. The primary data was collected using structured questionnaires. Multiple regression analysis was used to test the hypothesis.

Findings: The results of showed that organizational physical resources significantly impacted firm performance of geospatial firms in Kenya. 

Conclusion: The study concludes that organizational physical resources are instrumental in enhancing performance of Geospatial firms in Kenya.  Therefore the study recommends of Geospatial firms to invest largely in infrastructure for instance IT software and hardware as well as office space in addition to frequent improvement with advancement and upgrades in technology.