Reviewers Guidelines

The review of submitted manuscripts is done by independent reviewers that are experts in the academic field of the authors. The reviewer has a vital role in assessing the suitability of the manuscript for publication with JEMSPRO and offering suggestions that would improve the overall quality of the manuscript. As highlighted in JEMSPRO's service charter, manuscripts will undergo quality and relevance check by the editorial board. The next step is the invitation of reviewers via e-mail. The invitation will include the abstract of the manuscript so that they can gauge if they are suitable to review the manuscript in question. Reviewers that accept the invitation are required to e-mail the editor-in-chief for the full manuscript. Reviewers must sign an agreement form not to disclose any information about manuscripts that they are reviewing. Reviewers will be required to complete the review process in two weeks, and inform the editor-in-chief if they require an extension of the deadline. Reviewers must adhere to the following:

  1. Only agree to review manuscripts in their area of expertise.
  2. Uphold confidentiality and be unbiased in reviewing manuscripts.
  3. In line with the principle of confidentiality, they must dispose of the manuscript they have reviewed.
  4. They should decline to review a manuscript if they encounter any conflict of interest. v. Review the manuscript on time as per JEMSPRO's service charter.