Utilization Of Integrated Marketing Communication to Create Brand Recognition in Three to Five Star Hotels in Nairobi City County, Kenya


  • Linnett Odawo
  • Vincent Maranga
  • Beatrice Kamau


Purpose: This research aims to establish the influence of Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) dimensions on brand recognition of three- to five-star hotels. The study is based on Keller’s Brand Equity Theory and Resource-based theory and employs the descriptive cross-sectional research design.

Material and methods: The population target of this study was the line managers and frontline, 97 from 5-star, 195 from 4-star, and 130 from 3-star hotels in Nairobi, Kenya. Primary data was collected through structured self-administered questionnaires given to frontline staff. Data analysis was done through quantitative methods, descriptive statistics, multiple regression, and correlation analysis and presentation was done in tables.

Findings: The regression results showed a significant relationship between sales promotions, online marketing, and brand recognition since their sig-values are less than the standard p-value (0.05).

Value: The study emphasizes the importance of implementing sales promotion strategies, such as after-sales services like packaging bags and delivery, to improve brand recognition. Furthermore, it underscores the need for hotels to capitalize on digital platforms, including a customer-friendly website, social media, and Google Maps, to promote their brand and expand their recognition effectively.